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The Bryneer bulk salt storage and brine maker was the first brining system that is completely designed and manufactured by a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fabricator.


Offering single source brining components for economical solutions and dependability, Bryneers are manufactured to current industry standards. USDA-approved resins are conditioned to meet food grade sanitary guidelines.


Plas-Tanks provides an exclusive two-year warranty backing for manufactured vessels.


A plenum on the bottom of the vessel collects brine evenly over the entire surface area of the vessel. It filters undissolved salt crystals and insolubles from effluent saturated brine. An outlet pipe draws brine through a nozzle in the vessel wall.


All Plas-Tanks’ Bryneers are fitted with a side-mounted, leak proof man way near the base for convenient clean-out access. If required, all collection and outlet internal piping is removable through the man way for cleaning or repair.



Downflow Brine Making

The downflow brining principle ensures consistent brine saturation. As influent water rises, higher density brine sinks. Sludge from rock and solar salt is concentrated at the bottom of the Bryneer where it can be periodically removed.


Uniform Distribution

In many commercial brine makers, inlet water is not distributed evenly. Eventually, this results in the formation of salt pillars in the vessels, which may collapse and damage the vessel. The Bryneer eliminates this problem by use of an induction header around the inside circumference of the vessel.


Rapid Loading without the Dust

A pneumatic loading and air venting system is designed for rapid loading, easy maintenance and minimum dust emissions. The fill pipe is mounted for center fill using a long radius turn to minimize particle attrition while water is introduced to minimize dust.


Effective Liquid Level Control System

The Bryneer incorporates a unique brine level control system to open and close a valve in the water inlet line. The level control can be set for any desired liquid level. The digital level control is contained in a corrosion resistant waterproof box. The unit comes complete with a digital display indicative of the brine solution level.


Maintenance Free

Plas-Tanks Industries’ tough, damage resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic shell is constructed to withstand many years of brine making with little to no maintenance required.


National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Approved

Plas-Tanks’ Bryneer is NSF-61 certified to control the potentially adverse health effects of products added directly to water for its treatment, storage and transmission.






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