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Plas-Tanks' mission is to provide solutions to material storage or processing problems through the effective fabrication of reinforced plastic products.


Benefits of FRP


• Lasts 5 to 10 times longer than steel in corrosive environments.

• As fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) does not rust, there is no need for painting or reclading.

• Adapts to heat, stress, conductivity and climate conditions.

• Superior corrosion resistance in many applications versus rubber lined and bare metal.

• More slip resistant than metal.

• As FRP is non-conductive, electrical equipment can not short out.

• Ignition resistant with the addition of brominated materials.

• Good insulating material with reasonable thermal expansion properties with efficient heat tracing from bottom of vessel with Plasta-therm.

• Properly formulated resins allow for fiberglass reinforced plastics to be FDA compliant.

• No trace metallic contamination within the contents of the tank.

• Adhesive strength and elongation of resins can act to absorb equipment vibration.



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