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Plas-Tanks Industries receives ASME RTP-1 Certificate of Authorization from ASME in August of 2006

Hamilton, Ohio -
Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc., a Cincinnati area company, has received the prestigious “Certificate of Authorization” and corresponding code stamp from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) to produce fiber reinforced plastic vessels in accordance with the ASME code procedures.  There are only eight companies, world wide, who now have this honor, which requires certification of laminators and bonders by nationally accredited testing laboratories, plus production and destructive testing of a demonstration vessel (shown here). 

Fabrication to the RTP-1 Standard is widely considered to be the highest level of quality, which provides a level of assurance to the customer that their vessels have been fabricated and inspected under controls surpassing the general industry ASTM standards.  Quality elements in the standard include organizational structure, quality assurance programs, demonstration of capability, material control, inspection, corrective action for nonconforming items, and test control.  All of these elements are controlled in a more comprehensive way at RTP-1 certified facilities than they are at many typical fabrication companies.  Certificate holders must incorporate all of the elements described above and are subject to unannounced audits and reviews of the quality control manual & its implementation.

Plas-Tanks is a 30+ year-old company in a 45+ year-old industry producing chemically resistant equipment of non-corroding non-metallic materials for food, drug, chemical, power, air, water and waste treatment projects. 

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