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Plas-Tanks engineers to your specifications. We never try to adapt your needs to our tanks. Our engineers use state of the art computer generated design calculations and drawings. Our thorough knowledge of materials science and structural dynamics means the tank you buy is the best for your application with the most cost effective options available.

Some of the important Plas-Tanks differences include: 
  • Seamless design and extra reinforcement in the knuckle area, which assures tank bottom integrity during cycling. 
  • Intersperse applied in the filament winding portion of the tank for greater axial strength. 
  • 360 degrees of support on the tank bottom of suspended tanks to eliminate stress concentrations. In aggressive chemical environments, such as strong acids or alkalis, corrosion-resistant composite from Plas-Tanks protects your contents, and guards against contamination. 

Some of our processes include: 

-Filament winding- Precise construction in multiple sizes easily executed with our filament wound technology. 

-Contact molding- Resins and reinforcements are carefully selected to assure the maximum service life at the least possible cost. 

-Inspection- Inspections are performed throughout the fabrication process to ensure that every Plas-Tanks' tank meets the customers quality standards. 

There are no seams to weld and the lighter weight means you use lighter, less costly lifting equipment. Maintenance is minimized because durable RTP won't rust or corrode. Exterior painting is not required and for cleaning, periodic washing with plain water is all that's needed. 

Two of our special products are Bryneer™ and Plasta-Therm®. The Bryneer™ is a down flow brine maker which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and water softening industries. 

Plasta-Therm® is a thermal retention system for use in freeze production or when temperature control is critical to a process. Plasta-Therm® offers you ultimate protection with maximum efficiency.