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A measure of Plas-Tanks' success is its amount of repeat business. With the combination of a modern manufacturing facility, and our amazing staff, we are bound for continuous growth. We have many highly trained engineers and technical specialists dedicated to solving customer problems, this has guaranteed the company's continued growth. 

Most companies intend to make a quality product but fail to assure it, becoming sidetracked and focusing instead on profits, service or product development. 

We focus on one thing- conformance to customer requirements. Think about it; if you tell someone exactly what you want and they deliver, didn't you get the quality you expected at the agreed price? 

Plas-Tanks does more:
  • We warrant your product for three full years from the date of completion. 
  • We impose standards upon our raw material suppliers who submit test results or certifications of compliance. 
  • We subject our quality management system to internal audit and external assessment against international standards on a regular basis. 
  • We have our system certified to ISO 9001 every three years.

Plas-Tanks' people understand that quality is not a sometimes thing nor something that just happens; it is the result of careful planning, diligent efforts and attention to detail. 

We are proud of our accomplishments in the quality arena and invite you to send us your requirements and requests for a quote. You will not be disappointed.