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Fiberglass Tank Advantages
Fiberglass tanks offer many advantages, here are some of them:

Easy Maintenance- Due to its chemical make up cleaning and maintenance of fiberglass is easy. Since the walls are made up of a smooth glass resin on the inside, chemicals and particles have a hard time sticking to the walls. Therefore a wash with water is only needed periodically, so the cost to clean and time to clean are minimalized. 

Chemical Resistant- Since the start, fiberglass tanks have been tested for their chemical resistance. Due to their strong chemical resistance, they can be used in many industries. Plas-Tanks chooses the best resin choice for the application to assure the owner of a quality tank. 

Water Tight Seal- The manufacturing process that a tank goes through assures that it is water sealed. The tanks have no joints that need to be sealed on site so it provides a water tight seal. The reason why a water tight seal is so important is because it keeps things from getting in and it keeps things from getting out. Keeping the product and the customer safe. 

Quality Control- Plas-Tanks follows a quality management system (QMS) that assures the customer of a quality tank. We have many processes that the tank goes through to make sure a quality tank is delivered to the customer. Each of our tanks start as a drawing unique to each project. This helps examine the needs of the tank and the requirements before it is built. This process is very important because it's how we develop so many different types of tanks.

Abrasion Resistance- The resins we pick promote a strong, sturdy, and smooth surface on the tank. We do this by adding a layer of resin to the outside of the tank, this also helps decrease friction.  

Customization- Our tanks are made for the customer and their customizations. We tailor our tanks to the individual needs of the customer. For example, the materials, the location and the size of nozzles. 

Easy Modifications- Often times modifications of a tank are necessary like adding or removing tank fittings. These are often attached to the inside wall of the tank and can easily be removed without causing damage to the tank.

These fiberglass advantages are very important to consider when deciding storage options.