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ISO Certified Water Tanks
ISO Certified Water Tanks

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*Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, handicap, or age. 

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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

I understand that one of the requirements for employment at Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. is a drug screen. I further understand that failure to consent to this drug screen will be considered withdrawal of my application for employment. I also understand that if the test discloses the presence of one or more of the tested drugs, I will not be considered for employment at Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. I authorize the laboratory utilized by Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. to release the results of this drug screen to the authorized representative of Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. and understand that the results and findings of the drug screen will not be released by the company to any person or agency unless compelled to do so by judicial process.

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I hereby authorize Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. to make inquires about me to schools, investigate credit agencies, and other entities, and I authorize those entities to release information to Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. about me. I further authorize Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. to obtain, and my prior employers to release to Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc., information regarding my employment history, including, but not limited to, my attendance records. I understand that I have the right to request and receive information about the nature and scope of any such investigation. I release all persons and/or entities providing information about me to Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. from any legal liability related to providing such information. I understand that Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. will require me to undergo pre-employment drug testing, and I authorize the release of any such tests to Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc., its agents, and authorized employees. I further agree to take a physical examination, if PlasTanks Industries, Inc. requests, after any offer of employment is extended to me, and that any such physical examination will be conducted by a company-approved physician at the expense of the company. I authorize any such company-approved physician to release the results of any such physical examination to Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc., its agents, and authorized employees. By signing this application, I affirm that all statements herein (and in my resume, if any) are TRUE AND COMPLETE, and misrepresentation of facts will subject me to termination when the misrepresentation is discovered. I understand that if I am employed, I may terminate the employment relationship at any time and Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. may terminate the employment relationship at any time, without notice or cause. I understand that practices and statements set out in policies, handbooks, and other company literature may be changed at any time by Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. without notice and that such practices and statements do not create an employment contract. I further understand that, if an offer of employment is made, I will be required to submit documentation which will verify that I am a citizen or national of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or an alien authorized to be employed in the United States.