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When it comes to storing bulk amounts of chemicals the use of chemical storage tanks are necessary. These well built tanks can be used above ground or below ground and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 
Our safety features such as, seismic and wind-resistant tie-down systems keep chemicals safe. Using resins, we tailor our tanks so that the customer is able to contain strong chemicals such as propane, liquefied natural gas, and other caustic chemicals.

Plas-Tanks adapts to the customers needs and requirements. Our thorough knowledge of materials science and structural dynamics means the tank you buy is the best for the application. No seams to weld and lighter weight means you use less costly lifting equipment. Maintenance is minimized because durable FRP will not rust or corrode. Exterior painting is not required and cleaning requires only a periodic wash with water.

360o of support on the tank bottom of suspended tanks is used to eliminate stress concentrations. In aggressive chemical environments, such as strong acids or alkalis, a corrosion-resistant tank from Plas-Tanks protects your contents and guards against cross contamination.  

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