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Acid Tanks

Our tanks offer a reliable storage solution to acidic chemicals. Plas-Tanks' offers corrosion-resistant layers to help combat the harsh chemicals. We design our tanks to fit the customer's chemical storage needs.  (Our corrosion barrier is pictured to the right.) 

Acid tanks are essential to all industries because they supply a chemically resistant storage solution for strong chemicals.  

The resin types are chosen by the type of chemical, as well as the concentration of the chemical.

Our tanks are built to last; therefore the customer can be certain that long-lasting quality is guaranteed. 

The statement; “don’t settle for metal” is a reference to the fact that metal is corrosive and fiberglass is not. In addition, metal is more expensive than fiberglass because metal manufacturing is more costly. In addition, fiberglass is very moldable. Whereas compared to a metal tank, the requirements can not be as easily changed.

A fiberglass tank is the way to go to ensure toughness and longevity. 

The fiberglass tank is a customized storage solution that is effectively efficient. 

Please consider Plas-Tanks’ impressive tanks for your storage solutions. 

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