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Double Wall Storage Tanks

Our double wall storage tanks are used to contain many different products. The Plas-Tank double wall tank provides 360° of safety reassurance. They provide an extra layer of protection to keep the customer and the product safe. These two elements are essential requirements to a double wall tank. Double wall tanks are used in many industries because they invoke safety and reassurance. Double wall storage tanks are commonly a great source for on site storage because of its extra safety feature.
 In addition, it provides insulation to the chemicals being stored. The outer layer protects the inner layer from other debris such as rain, snow, or dirt. This keeps the chemicals on the inside safely stored away from any outside harm that may occur.  

We automatically design tanks for the seismic region in which they will be located. Furthermore, we also provide an exclusive two-year warranty backing for manufactured tanks.

Double wall tanks are a great option for onsite storage because they lower the risk of contamination and the risk on its environment. 

Additionally, a leak detection device can be equipped to assure the customer.

For more information read our Chemical Storage and Secondary Containment article under the News & Blog tab. 

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