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Fiberglass Composite Structures

Plas-Tanks offers a full line of hand lay-up nozzles, internal baffles, pipe supports, coil supports, agitator supports, dip pipes, ladders, lifting devices and tie down lugs. All manways are furnished with neoprene gaskets and zinc plated steel, stainless steel, or RTP encapsulated steel.

Baffles are optional in either flat plate or wedge type. In addition, a choice of gooseneck or “v” vents are offered. A translucent liquid level indicator strip, with optional numerical calibrations can be applied to the tank shell.

Shop applied polyurethane foam insulation in standard two-pound density is available in multiples of one inch layers to meet heat loss requirements. 

Bolt-on covers are optional for all open-top tanks. Exterior protective coatings are available in a wide range of custom colors. For tanks with an exterior color coating a clear PVC sight glass is available. 

Types of Fiberglass Composite Structures: 

  • Flanged Nozzle 
  • Conically Gussetted Flanged nozzle 
  • Plate Gusseted Flanged nozzle 
  • Flanged Nozzle Siphon Drain 
  • Flanged Nozzle Full Drain 
  • Double Flanged Nozzle 
  • Flanged Pad 
  • Hinged Manway 
  • Flanged Manway
  • NPT Fitting 
  • Plate Baffle 
  • Wedge baffle 
  • Agitator Support 
  • Ladder and safety cage 
  • Flanged Dip Pipe 
  • Goose neck vent 
  • “V” vent 
  • Clear Sight Glass

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