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Bleach tanks

Fiberglass tanks are safe and efficient to be used in many settings. Since fiberglass tanks are made up of resins that are non-corrosive the strength of the bleach is no problem. Compared to metal tanks which are corrosive. A fiberglass tank is cost efficient because it has long lasting durability and can not corrode over time. Therefore the tank can withstand the chemicals. Choosing the right resin is important for longevity and efficiency. 

Our fiberglass bleach storage tanks are a cost efficient choice for bleach storage because of its chemical make up and its easy maintenance. 

Our tanks can be cured with Benzoyl peroxide/dimethylaniline along with Nexus
©  to create a strong corrosion barrier. Our resins are chosen based on the concentration as well as the chemical. We have many safety features that keep the customer and the product safe such as tie downs, seismic hazard safety, and technology that can help ensure the chemicals are safe. Our safety features ensure a safe and quality product. 

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