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Caustic Tanks

Are you looking for a storage solution for caustic chemicals? Fiberglass tanks are essential for storing strong chemicals such as caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. Our fiberglass tanks are certificated, ensuring the safest quality tank.

Our resins are chosen based on the chemical that will be stored in the tank. Our tanks are also coated in Nexus© so that the tank is not in risk of deteriorating.  

Caustic tanks are used in many different industries to store highly corrosive chemicals. The use of a fiberglass tank is essential because of its non-corrosive properties. It is also very versatile and can be used in many industries.

When looking at the reactivity of caustic soda against the surfaces of the tank; a fiberglass reinforced plastic tank is not considered at first, because of the fact that caustic chemicals can attack the glass fibers that comprise the tank. But by adding a synthetic surface veil it becomes a safe and cost effective option, which is what Plas-tanks does to its tanks.  

You can feel confident with a sturdy, safe, long lasting tank from Plas-Tanks.

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